As your body changes and ages, urinary incontinence can become an embarrassing and stressful issue. The inability to control urine leakage or feeling the urge to go and not knowing if you’ll make it to the bathroom in time are sensations no one should have to struggle with. Aesthetic- Facial and Body Rejuvenation is proud to offer a groundbreaking treatment to our patients—BTL EMSELLA®.

Below, we’ll address some questions you may have about EMSELLA, including:

  • What is urinary incontinence?
  • What is EMSELLA?
  • Benefits of EMSELLA

What is Urinary Incontinence?

Urinary incontinence involves a lack of control over the bladder. It’s a common problem that’s different for everyone who experiences it. Some have leakage after coughing, sneezing, or laughing, while others experience urge incontinence or a strong and immediate impulse to urinate. That urge can be so sudden that sufferers do not make it to the bathroom, resulting in uncontrolled urination.

Among those experiences are other symptoms, such as leaks associated with a bladder that cannot empty. You could experience urinary incontinence as a result of:

  • Aging
  • Specific infections
  • Vaginal childbirth
  • Consumption of food, drink or medications that act as diuretics
  • Other causes

If you experience any symptoms, you want urge incontinence treatment right away. Urinary incontinence is challenging and can be embarrassing, and it hinders your daily life during work and social activities. There is an answer, though. Most patients can find relief with EMSELLA, a non-invasive, non-surgical urinary incontinence treatment.

What is EMSELLA?

EMSELLA is an FDA-cleared procedure that uses high-intensity focused electromagnetic technology (HIFEM). As you sit in the EMSELLA chair, the HIFEM energy stimulates the pelvic floor muscles. The result is small, yet effective, contractions like those produced by Kegel exercises. After about a half-hour in the EMSELLA chair, you’ll experience the equivalent of more than 11,000 Kegels. These muscle contractions restore neuromuscular control and work to repair the weak pelvic floor, allowing you to regain bladder control after this urinary incontinence treatment.

Whether due to birth trauma or age, weak pelvic floor muscles insufficiently supporting the pelvic organs often cause urinary incontinence. The result can be bladder control issues such as urinary stress, urge incontinence or both. Urinary stress is when pressure on the bladder causes uncontrolled leakage—think coughing, exercising, or laughing.

Urge incontinence, on the other hand, is an intense, uncomfortable, and sudden sensation of needing to urinate, leading to constant trips to the bathroom. The urinary and urge incontinence treatment, EMSELLA, addresses both these issues caused by pelvic relaxation, thus improving your overall quality of life.

To find out if you’re a candidate for BTL EMSELLA, please contact us at Aesthetic–Facial and Body Rejuvenation. We understand that your intimate health requires understanding and sensitivity. That’s why we’re happy to provide free consultations where you can ask questions and learn more about this cutting-edge solution.

Benefits of EMSELLA

BTL EMSELLA is an FDA-cleared treatment and is entirely non-invasive. Electromagnetic stimulation causes pelvic floor muscles to contract, restoring neuromuscular control. The result is an effective treatment for both male and female urinary incontinence. There are many benefits you may experience by participating in this groundbreaking treatment.

1. Improved Quality of Life

Living with urinary incontinence is stressful and upsetting. You may find yourself often looking for the nearest bathroom or bringing extra clothes in case of an accident. Sadly, those who struggle with a weak pelvic floor often feel shame and embarrassment, even though this condition is out of their control. EMSELLA allows you to say no to incontinence and take back your life.

Many patients who undergo this weak pelvic floor treatment experience almost immediate results. After a few sessions in the EMSELLA chair, you’ll be able to regain bladder control and take charge of this essential bodily function.

2. Treats Entire Pelvic Floor

After about 30 minutes in the EMSELLA chair, the entire pelvic floor area experiences the equivalent of over11,000 highly effective Kegel exercises.

3. Easy, Comfortable Process

A large number of treatments used for urinary incontinence involves medication or surgery. For more severe cases, surgery can be a solution, but it’s also very invasive. Many patients dislike using medications for urinary incontinence treatment because of the numerous side effects. EMSELLA is both non-invasive and non-surgical. Most patients find the entire treatment to be relaxing and comfortable. You sit fully clothed on the electromagnetic chair for about 30 minutes. That’s it. You can read a book or listen to music. Afterward, there’s no recovery or downtime needed.

4. Effective Pelvic Floor Solution

EMSELLA is a cutting-edge treatment, and one of the best out there for treating incontinence in a non-invasive, painless way. Plus, it’s beneficial for both men and women.


Before deciding if EMSELLA is right for you, you may have a lot of questions. Do pelvic floor machines work? How does EMSELLA manage to tighten pelvic floor muscles so quickly? After an EMSELLA treatment, are there any side effects? Here are some of our frequently asked questions to help you decide if EMSELLA is the best treatment option for you.

Does the EMSELLA Treatment Hurt? What Does it Feel Like?

EMSELLA is completely painless. You will get to sit, fully clothed, in the treatment chair during your entire session. Many patients describe a tapping sensation when it starts as it gets positioned. After that, you’ll experience tingling, vibrations, and contractions as the EMSELLA chair operates. Patients describe these pelvic floor muscles’ contractions as feeling like an intense pelvic floor workout. The entire session should be pain-free.

How Does the EMSELLA Chair Work?

EMSELLA targets pelvic muscles using a high-intensity electromagnetic field, similar to the technology used for EMSCULPT. This stimulation contract pelvic floormusclesaround11,000 times per session. As the pelvic muscles become stronger and tighter, they regain the ability to better support the pelvic organs, thus decreasing urinary incontinence.

How Many Sessions of the Pelvic Floor Treatment Do I Need?

The clinicians at the Rejuvenation Clinic of Sauk Prairie will tailor a treatment plan based on your needs. The typical protocol for our EMSELLA treatment is two sessions per week for three weeks, with each of these six sessions lasting for 28minutes. Depending on the severity of the incontinence you experience and your desired results, you may choose to undergo more treatments.

When Will I Start to See Results?

If you’re looking for a way to tighten your pelvic floor muscles quickly, EMSELLA is an excellent option for you. Some patients observe rapid and noticeable improvement after their first session. In general, though, symptoms should continue to improve slowly over the next few weeks. Most people see maximum improvement about two to three months after their last treatment.

How Effective is BTL EMSELLA?

While results and patient experiences may vary, most patients who undergo EMSELLA treatments experience noticeable progress with their urinary incontinence. A recent clinical study found that 95% of EMSELLA patients were very satisfied and noticed a significant improvement in their quality of life following their six-session treatment in the EMSELLA chair.About67% of patients were able to decrease or stop their use of hygienic pads in their daily life

How Long Do EMSELLA Results Last?

Results vary based on your unique health condition. Most studies show that positive results last anywhere between six and 12 months following EMSELLA treatments. You may choose to undergo single maintenance treatments to maintain results after completing your initial six sessions. Other lifestyle changes can also help promote longer-lasting results.

Is There Any Downtime After the Pelvic Floor Treatment?

There is no downtime after your EMSELLA treatment. You can have your session during your lunch break and immediately go back to your normal daily activities following the procedure.

How Do I Prepare for an EMSELLA Treatment?

Your clinician will go into detail with you on how to prepare for your EMSELLA treatment during your free consultation. However, this easy and painless procedure requires little preparation on your part.

We suggest wearing comfortable, not bulky, clothes, as you will remain fully dressed during your treatment. Avoid wearing high-end athletic gear such as Lululemon as many of their fabrics contain woven metal threads. We’ll also ask you to remove large jewelry, watches and other electronics from the chair area. That’s it—no other preparation is necessary.

Am I a Good Candidate for EMSELLA?

BTL EMSELLA is an excellent option for men and women of any age who need an effective solution for mild to moderate urinary incontinence. If you’ve ever experienced an accident while coughing or have sudden urges to rush to the bathroom, you are well-qualified for this treatment. Childbirth, menopause, and aging can all lead to urinary incontinence. EMSELLA can help.EMSELLA cannot treat pregnant women or patients with:

  • Severe urinary symptoms or prolapse
  • Metal implants
  • Heart problems or disorders
  • Tumors

What Are Common Signs of Pelvic Floor Issues?

The three types of urinary incontinence include urinary stress, urge incontinence, and a combination of the two. For many, the source of their urinary incontinence is a weakening of the pelvic diaphragm or pelvic floor.

Stress leakage is the result of exerted pressure on the bladder. This phenomenon can happen when coughing, jumping, laughing, exercising, or even sneezing. Urinary stress incontinence is common among women who have delivered babies vaginally, and it also results from changes that occur during menopause.

Other people experience urge incontinence, which is a frequent and overwhelming feeling of having to urinate. Smoking, diet or medical conditions such as diabetes can cause urinary urgency that may lead to leakage

Are There Any Side Effects From the Body Treatment?

EMSELLA is generally free of side effects. During the procedure, you will most likely experience tingling and tapping, and feel the contractions in your pelvic floor. However, there is virtually no discomfort after the treatment. Sometimes, people notice their incontinence symptoms might get a bit worse the following two days after treatment, which we describe as normal. Think about if you did several sets of bicep curls. For the next couple of days, your muscles would feel fatigued because of the intense workout but would be stronger and more effective over time.


EMSELLA has undergone a rigorous series of clinical trials to determine its safety, and this innovative technology is FDA-cleared. During your free consultation, one of our clinicians will discuss with you how BTL EMSELLA works, so you understand the procedure completely before proceeding.

Can I Combine Other Body Treatments With EMSELLA?

Because of the non-invasive nature, no downtime and ease of EMSELLA, many of our patients opt to combine other facial and body treatments on the same day. We’ll discuss these options during your complimentary consultation and will provide you with the best plan of action for your rejuvenation.

What’s my next step?

Your first step is your skincare consultation. Here, one of our skincare professionals will review your health and skin evaluations. This is an excellent time to voice any concerns and what you are hoping to gain from your treatment. This may be a single approach or may include several different treatments at once. Call Aesthetic–Facial and Body Rejuvenation and get started on the journey to the best you that you can be.